Dec 2004 - Company incorporated
Jan 2005 - Company commences operations with chemical trading
Apr 2006 - R.L. disinfectents launched under the brand name of Hygen
Oct 2006 - R.L. acquires real estate in Bhai Pheru to build poultry farm
Apr 2007 - Poultry production starts
Jun 2007 - R.L. becomes a corporate member of Lahore Chamber of Commerce &Industry
Aug 2007 - Humic acid production starts at Bhai Pheru under license from the government
Mar 2008 - BSF agrees to support the development of No-Rat
Nov 2008 - BSF agrees to support the development of DCP
Dec 2008 - R.L. signs MoU with GCU to collaborate on scientific research
Feb 2009 - ASF agrees to support the development of waste compost
Mar 2009 - R.L. pioneer in getting manufacturing &distribution license for Humic acid
Apr 2009 - R.L. awarded the distributorship for ICI's disinfectent product range

The company aims to minimize its carbon footprint by 50% in the next one year.

To achieve this, we have planted over 100 trees at our production site at Bhai Pheru. We are committed to planting an equal number of trees every year.

R.L. also supports government primary school, Shahpur, Lahore which has over 300 students. R.L. employs 6 teachers to teach various subjects at this school.